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Who are WE?

As ethical dog breeders, we practise ethical breeding to ensure that all puppies are born absolutely fit and fine.

Get the Healthiest Puppies for Sale in the UK from Us

The UK Dog Breeding Academy has been sending little fur babies to everyone's life for three generations now. We raise all our puppies with love and give them the best facilities so that they grow up as amicable and social. As premier small dogs breeders in the UK, we follow ethical practices with utmost sincerity and honesty. Our stud dogs have the most premium lineage so that they give birth to the healthiest puppies. The UK Dog Breeding Academy will certainly live up to your expectation of finding you the cutest furry companion.

Types of Breeds We Have:

We work with the motto of satisfying our customers so that they can take home the cutest small dogs for sale to fill up their lives with joy and laughter. Our chosen stud dogs have reached the full stage of maturity and can father hale and hearty babies. We have quite an extensive variety of breeds, ranging from different colours to sizes. You can select the dog breed as per your specifications.

- A cream and orange coloured male Pomeranian
- A black coloured male Scottish Terrier
- A tan coloured male English Bulldog
- A black coloured male Pomeranian
- A honey and white coloured male Shih Tzu
- A white coloured male Maltese
- A white coloured male Bichon Frise
- A male Beagle
- A chestnut red coloured male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
- A male English Springer Spaniel
- A male Chihuahua
- A male Dachshund
- A male French Bulldog
- A male Jack Russell
- A male Cocker Spaniel
- A tri-coloured male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
- A white coloured male Pug
- A white coloured male West Highland White
- A white and red male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Why Choose Us? :

The UK Dog Breeding Academy provides pet supplies wholesale in the UK and has been earning accolades for ethical breeding for three generations now. You can take our dogs home with absolute certainty as they have been bred well and there will be no underlying medical conditions. The following are the reasons why UK Dog Breeding Academy can be trusted:

-Having high-end facilities

We ensure to keep our stud dogs and babies in premium facilities. From hydrotherapy suites to whelping areas to quarantine kennels, our dogs are kept with proper care and given all the nutrition they need.

- Taking to regular vet checkups:

We make it a point to take the mothers and the babies to clinics routinely to ensure good health of them. As reputable puppies dog breeders, it is our duty to provide you with puppies that are absolutely healthy.

- Raising puppies with love:

In the initial days right after birth, we take it upon ourselves to give proper training to the babies. The right method will raise them to become friendly and energetic dogs later.

-Giving priority to customers:

Once you come to us, you are guaranteed to get the best pet for sale. We take time to understand your taste so that we can provide you with the cutest furry pet.

Therefore, reach out to the UK Dog Breeding Academy whenever it is a matter of getting the pet of your choice.


1. Do I need to take the puppy to the vet right after bringing him home? :

From our end, we take full responsibility to conduct proper tests and checkups for the puppy. You can definitely take the little one to the vet if you wish to.

2. Can I expect healthy puppies? :

Absolutely. We are a leading ethical dog breeder in the UK. Our stud dogs have good genes and are quite healthy, thus giving birth to a litter of fit and fine puppies.

3. Can I visit your shelter to meet the dog's parents? :

Yes, we give absolute freedom to our customers to come to our shelter and meet the puppy's parents.

4. What breeds can I choose from? :

There are several dog breeds available at our breeding shelter in varying colours. You can choose a medium or small dog depending on the space of your living area.

5. Is it better to adopt or shop? :

While adopting a dog is always a noble practice, the puppy might have underlying medical conditions. Buying one from our wholesale dog supplies will ensure that you get a healthy and happy dog.

6. Will I be able to contact you after taking the puppy home? :

We are available for our customers at all times. Although you are not going to face any issue with the puppy, you can surely get in touch with us for proper care methods.

Stud Dog

Stud Dog - Cream / Orange - Male

Dog Name 53

Stud Dog - Tan - Male

Dog Name 53

Stud Dog - Black - Male

Puppy Name 42

Stud Dog - Honey & White - Male

Dog Name 52

Stud Dog - White - Male

Dog Name 35

Stud Dog - Tri-Colour - Male

Dog Name 12

Stud Dog - White - Male

Dog Name 9

Stud Dog - White / Red - Male