About Us The UK Dog Breeding Academy LTD is a family run business and we are very proud to be one of the most advanced dog breeding establishments in the UK. We would like to be known as the best breeding establishment in the UK and that is our ongoing objective. We are the third generation of our family to be involved in dog breeding and we are constantly learning new things. Our staff bring together skills and experience that is unique and highly specialized which when combined with state of the art equipment means we have a unique site without equal in the UK or Europe.

We have invested a massive amount of capital into our facilities including our newly built Hydrotherapy suite, quarantine kennels, Adult kennels, whelping facilities, veterinary equipment etc., etc. All our dogs live in specially built centrally heated buildings and we take pride in the happiness of our dogs and the cleanliness of our Kennels. Dog breeding is a highly skilled profession and for us, it is a full-time occupation, 365 days a year. We are pleased to be offering new services to national and international customers including bespoke kenneling and reproduction using our highly skilled team of professionals. Our team are proud to have successfully bred a large and growing number of litters.